Book of Roses

Dear reader,

This semester in my young adult literature course I have learned the importance YAL. Before, this semester I thought YAL was a genre that was targeted only for teens. However, I have come to learn that young adult literature can be for adult readers too. I did not consider YAL worthwhile to read since I was beyond my teen years but I have enjoyed YAL and in some aspects more than adult works. Young adult literature usually has the theme of identity that flows through the story. A character will be facing the problem of not knowing who they are or even not understanding who they are. Then a character will embark on a journey to discover who they are. The significance of using the theme identity is so that teens can relate to the characters facing issues of identity because teens are also searching for who they are. Teens are slowly becoming adults and need guidance though the confusing time of teen years. Likewise, when I was a teenager I felt alone and different from everyone else especially other females. I tried to find aid in magazines, hoping to find similar teens struggling but found none. My realization at the end of this semester is that I wished I would have read young adult literature. I would have found comfort and similarities from characters dealing with the same problem. Young adult literature has the ability to offer teens a voice of guidance and acceptance that they may not find anywhere else.

Furthermore, I have found a greater appreciation for reading. Reading not only helps us learn new words and increase our vocabulary but it gives us more view points of the world to look through. Books allow us to experience adventures that we can’t in real life. It exposes us to new lessons and ideas that we might not have ever learned anywhere else. Books equip readers with knowledge to change the world they live in and to see it in different ways so that we are not people stuck in a single view point through life. Books are the reason so many have found answers to questions they thought would never be answered and in other cases books wake up people by introducing them to questions, they never thought to ask before. In my case, some of my favorite books this semester were The Book Thief by Markus Zusak because it showed me the importance of words. Also, I enjoyed The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie because it was beautifully written and had me laughing on almost every page.

Additionally, at the beginning of the semester I wrote my literary narrative that described my reading background. It depicted my love of reading as a child and how it was killed by my academic reading through high school and college. I did not think it was possible for me to make up for the lack of books I did not read in my teen years but this class has helped me fill the gap. At the closing of the semester, I feel all the young adult books we  have read filled in my gap.

Overall, this portfolio is to show all the books I chose to read this semester in YAL and depicts some assignments that I have completed though the course such as, my Book Talk, Reading Survey, and Socratic circles.I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on course assignments and reactions from young adult books.


Sonia Perez