Discussion Board


The Discussion Board was used to extend our YAL conversation beyond the allotted class time. I found it very beneficial because it was an organized way to layout questions and responses that grew larger each week. There were many questions created by Dr. Adams and my classmates and each week I responded to a few. The difficult part about this assignment for me was forming questions. However, what surprised me was that my questions received some responses a couple times. I did not believe my questions were as interesting as others I had read. This assignment pushed me out of my comfort level to be not only the answerer but a questioner as well. A skill I will continue to develop.

A few posts I wrote and their responses:

Freedom to Teach
In Readicide, Gallagher discusses how many teachers are cramming as much curriculum as possible into students minds to prepare for state exams. They are also having students memorize facts rather than take time to critically think about the text. At my high school it seemed preparing for benchmarks and CSAP was all that mattered and even individual students were given certificates for increased scores. However, is it completely there fault for narrowing the curriculum? They are monitored on how well their students do on the exams and if they do poorly, they could lose their jobs. The fear of losing ones earnings to live changes how you teach and controls your freedom of teaching. I knew of one teacher who secretly had us read a different book than everyone else in the 10th grade because he said reading a Farewell to Arms was better than the test prep books. Did you have teachers that went against the required curriculum?   -Sonia Perez


 Freedom to Teach
I was very lucky in my later high school years in that I attended an alternative high school so the teachers were given a bit more leeway in their designated curriculum and how they went about reaching the standards. One of them would assign books on an individualized basis…considering the student, their reading ability, and their different interests. But whatever book a student was given to read, they all correlated and led to good discussions on the different views of a topic given by the multitude of different books. -C.M.L

Disconnection to Nothing
While reading the book I had a hard time trying to continue to read it. I was not able to connect to any of the characters and easily got them mixed up with the others. I kept searching for that in depth character to arise but it never happened not even for Agnes. I know this book was meant to emphasize what is the meaning of life but I could not see it. Do you think the book needed character development or should stay as is? -Sonia Perez

Stay as is
I think that the point of the characters having no depth was part of the authors main points with Nothing. When we have a character with more development we tend to have feelings for the character thus trying to prove that something matters like the character we connect with. When we don’t have that connection it’s easier for us to see the nothing matters concept because we aren’t emotionally connected with the story. I think it was a brilliant move on the author’s part. -K.L



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