Reading Survey Questions/ Results

Reading Survey

Hi my name is Sonia Perez and I am currently an English major and education minor at Metropolitan State University. I am conducting this survey to gather information about teen’s reading habits and will be writing a paper using the data I collect. All responses given will be anonymous and seen by only myself and professor. I look forward to reading your responses and very much appreciate your participation. Thank you!

Survey Results

Age:12,12, 13, 17, 16          School: Doull M.S, Goddard M.S,Henry M.S, Kennedy H.S, Kennedy H.S

Each color corresponds to the same student throughout the survey.

1.     Has going to school negatively changed how you feel about reading? Why or why not?

·         I love reading because you are getting better at your level.

·         No, it hasn’t because I love to read.

·         No, because I learned to read in school.

·         Yes, because I had to read books that I did not like and was not interested in.

·         No, I enjoy reading anyway.

2.      Do you read outside of school for fun reading? Why or why not?

·         Yes, because I love to and it is really relaxing.

·         Yes, because it entertains me.

·         I do sometimes because it is fun.

·         No, because I don’t have time.

·         Yes, I read the sports section of the newspaper every day.

3.      .What types of books do you like to read and why? For example; Adventure, Classics, Fantasy, Manga, Mysteries, Paranormal, Graphic novels, Horror, Romances, Science Fiction, etc.

·         I like to read scary books because they are fun.

·         I like to read Fantasy like Harry Potter.

·         I read whatever is good in teen genre.

·         I like to read Fantasy, Mysteries, and Horror books.

·         I like crime mysteries and sport novels.


4.     Would book discussions posted on Facebook be something you would participate in? Why or why not?

·         I would use a club called Mrs. Ranger Day Camp.

·         No, because I don’t have a Facebook account.

·         No, because it doesn’t sound fun.

·         Depends on the book.

·         No, I don’t have a Facebook.

5.    . Not including school texts, how many books have you read in the past two months?

·         34 

·         35

·         5

·         0

·         0

6.      For books that are made into movies or TV shows, do you prefer to see the movie/TV show first and then read the book, or vice versa and Why? Or do you prefer to only watch movie? If so why?

·         I would the book first, so you know what the movie is going to be about.

·         I would read the book then the movie because it makes the movie easier to understand.

·         I would read the book first so I can see how it changes in the movie.

·         I would read the book then the movie so I can compare the differences and see what the movie left out.

·         I like to watch the movie because it is easier.

7.     Would you read a book a friend recommended to you? Why or why not?

·         Yes, Aries Rising, my friend said she loved to read that book.

·         Yes, because I like all books.

·         No, because my friends don’t read.

·         If the book looks good and my friend liked it then, I probably would read it.

·         Yes, if it was something I found interesting.

8.     What is your favorite book? Why

·         Aries Rising, because it tells you your sing-along song and other cool things.

·         Harry Potter because it is so exciting.

·         The Fault in Our Stars

·         I like the Twilight series.

·         I don’t have a favorite book.

9.      . Do you let adults influence what you read such as, parents or teachers? Why or why not?

·         Yes, because my mom loves to read.

·         No, because their books are boring.

·         Yes, because they read a lot.

·         No, because if I don’t like it I’m not going to read it.

·         Yes, if I sounds interesting to me.

10.  What other things do you read besides (books) such as, magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, etc.?

·         I read blogs on Facebook because I love to.

·         I read newspapers.

·         None

·         I read magazines and articles.

·         I read the sports section of the newspaper.


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