Reflection on Main Textbooks

I have learned that young adult literature matters to almost everyone. I was not aware that some people will ban books just because they contain magic in them and that they fight to get them even out of libraries. Before, I thought it was only the schools that are impacted from banned books but the libraries are too. It is interesting to see that there are so many positive and negative views on young adult literature. For instance, some believe it is too dark and violent like, Meghan Cox Gurdon. She described her experience with YAL as unsafe for her daughter and that YAL books are only including cutting, suicide, killing, and gore. Although, these ideas and real problems are not happy and uneasy to discuss with teens, it is necessary they know these types of problem exist in the world they live in. If you were to try and shelter teens from learning these issues I feel it would stunt they intellectual growth by not being exposed to such an issues. Yes, it is important to protect the minds of the future but, you must do so by not hiding real world problems. Teens learn about life through experience, as do all people, and that is what shapes us into better human beings by experiencing all sides of life the good and the bad.

Additionally, as a future teacher I have learned that reading is in danger and must constantly be promoted to teens. Schools have tried to make students perform better on tests by completely teaching to the test and not offering novels as part of the curriculum. In other cases, schools are killing reading by the over analysis of books to the point where student don’t want to look at another book again. Likewise, pleasuring reading seems to die once students reach high school where most of their time for reading is consumed by academic textbooks. As in my case, I completely stopped pleasure reading for the lack of time I had to read for a class grade and not for fun. This is an issue that is happening and has been for years which, is students, are not becoming lifelong readers. They are losing their interest by reading since, it is gets buried by everything else school related. The take away point for future teachers is to stress to their students that reading is a lifelong habit and it needs to be maintained by teachers allowing students to see that pleasure reading can be fun and interesting to them. Also, teach students that a balance must be achieved between academic reading and pleasure reading.


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