The Fault in Our Stars

Grade Level: 9TH and up

Summary: The Fault in Our Stars is about a girl named Hazel who is dying from cancer. She has let herself turn into a homebody or in other words she doesn’t socialize beyond her support group. She takes home all day reading until she meets Augustus one day at her support group. He is very attractive and starts talking to Hazel the moment he is able to. They become close by discussing her favorite book An Imperial Affliction, and they both have emailed the author to learn the unanswered questions left at the end of the book. Augustus used to have serious cancer but it has been gone for years, the only thing it took from him was his leg. Augustus then uses his wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam and meet the author of her favorite book. They become very close with one another and eventually fall in love.


  • Not letting any force stop you from living YOUR life
  • Letting others help you through struggles

Reflection: John Green has created a text that tackles the dark sides of life. Three of the characters in the story are suffering from cancer and trying to overcome it by not letting it become who they are. It is one of the hardest lessons in life to not let anxiety, stress, illness, death, or depression eat up the only life we have. Although, Hazel, Isaac, and Augustus are battling cancer they try to live life as best as they can. Additionally, Hazel is afraid of hurting Augustus when she dies but he teaches her it is better to let others in your life so, you don’t have to suffer life’s problems alone.

Possible Student Reaction: After reading this text a student will understand some of the struggles cancer patients have to go through and how it hurts their family knowing they can die any moment. This book will make readers appreciate the life they got and not take their health for granted.


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